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Laptop and Smart phoneIs Your Computer Slowing You Down?
Not everyone understands computers, but we do. Don't ignore a weird noise, a blue screen or an error message. Contact Swenny IT today when you aren't sure what to do.
Contact us now! (608) 960-8221 help@swennyit.com
  • Install and Service Small Business Networks
  • Maintain/Repair Computers, Monitors and Hard Drives
  • Install/Maintain/Repair Point of Sale Systems
  • Clean/Maintain/Repair Printers
  • Eradicate Virus/Spyware issues
  • Remote Support
  • Replace Parts
  • Set-Up Networks
  • Install Wireless Devices
  • Install/Configure/Teach Standard Software
  • Build and maintain Websites
  • Data Recovery
We currently offer Basic, Standard and Extended Service Contracts. Each offers a wide array of services tailored to your needs. Please contact Swenny IT for further details.

 SPECIAL:We are offering a special deal of 4 hours of IT Support for $100.00. This can be used anytime during a 12 month period from the date purchased. Please ORDER TODAY!!
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