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The Future of Artificial Intelligence - White House Report

HeyNow Friends & Family,

As I have been reporting to you, AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is on the forefront of IT R&D Budgets!! As the IoT expands its role, so to will AI!!

This is certainly an exciting time in History for such advancements in technology. HOW WE MANAGE AND DEVELOP THE CREATION OF AI WILL BE THE TRUE END GAME!! We are creating an entity that we want to be able to think faster and more precisely but will this eventually lead to the Rise of the Machines!?

I am ALL for Advancements in Technology but this will be a REAL GameChanger. I will be here Reporting to you about how the Advancement of AI is transforming our landscape. From Self-Driving cars to Robotics Automation to Human Augmentation, it's ALL REAL and being Researched and Developed!!! THIS SHOULD BE A FUN RIDE, I HOPE!!!!!

Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft come together to create the Partnership on AI

HeyNow Friends & Family,

It was ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!!! AI is now taking hold on all the Major Players and is now a focus of Enterprise IT Budgets! This is ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!

The world’s largest technology companies hold the keys to some of the largest databases on our planet. Much like goods and coins before it, data is becoming an important currency for the modern world. The data’s value is rooted in its applications to artificial intelligence. Whichever company owns the data, effectively owns AI.

Right now that means companies like Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, IBM and Microsoft have a ton of power.

MSFT- Buds & AI

Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) is making big moves in the marijuana trade.

That's a big story - as legal medical and recreational cannabis will be among the very fastest-growing business sectors over the coming decade or so.

Microsoft is on the rise again because of actions it's making into high-growth fields like the cloud and marijuana.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it's making a big move into artificial intelligence (AI). Read about it here: https://news.microsoft.com/2016/09/29/microsoft-expands-artificial-intelligence-ai-efforts-with-creation-of-new-microsoft-ai-and-research-group/#sm.0001dkipsprvxdl510k1bx5i65son

It's called the Microsoft AI and Research Group, and it will be led by Harry Shum, the company's current research executive vice president. Shum's getting 5,000 researchers and engineers to help him figure out how to apply AI to Microsoft's current suite of services - and, eventually, develop an AI product.

While AI may not be growing as quickly as legal marijuana, it could soon take its place among the largest, major tech sectors.

And while legal marijuana will cause societal changes across the United States - some good, some bad - it's nothing compared to the havoc AI could bring about in our economy and job landscape.

Robotics Integration on the Rise

Good Afternoon,

The next steps in the Evolution to combine Technology and Automation are on the rise and keeps on getting Stronger. This is the next phase of the Curve for Technology, Human Augmentation. We are seeing more R&D in Self-driving cars, Wearable Technology, Exo-skeletan suits and Robotics. The Business environment is one of the Fastest growing Future Segments which can be seen by these three Stories! This is going to be interesting to watch this Grow.

1.ARM has announced a foray into the world of autonomous vehicles and industrial robotics systems: http://fortune.com/2016/09/20/arm-self-driving-robots/

Best Fitness Trackers


I have recently come across a lot of wearable fitness trackers and I wanted to share them with you! Todays wearable fitness trackers. (WFT's as I call them!!), are getting more and more sophisticated at data collection while, at the same time, improving looks and mobile app usability. 

Here are the results of some consumer research on todays Best Fitness Trackers! ENJOY!!!

1. Best Complete Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Blaze

2. Best for Running: Garmin Vivosmart HR+

3. Best for Simplicity: Jawbone UP2

4. Best for Multisports: Garmin GPS vivoactive

5. Best for Moms: Misfit Shine 2

6. Best for Sleep Tracking: Jawbone UP3

7. Best for Getting in Shape: Moov Now

8. Best for a Tight Budget: Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse

10. Best for Style: Fitbit Alta

11. Best for Screen Quality: Samsung Gear Fit2

12. Best for Style: Mondaine Helvetica No.1 Smartwatch

                                Withings Activite Steel